Wayne Richter Assists Those Taking On Prostitution Charges


Facing criminal charges or a criminal investigation is a very serious time. You may have jail time, big time fines, and a permanently marked record on the line, and that can really derail your future. With so much at stake, doesn’t it make sense to bring in the best criminal defense attorney possible? Fortunately, Wayne Richter, of The Law Offices of R. Wayne Richter, is ready to help defend your freedoms. You can check out his locations in West Palm Beach and Stuart to get your process underway.

Wayne Richter handles a number of criminal cases, including prostitution related offenses. In 2014 alone, there were 228 arrests made for prostitution in Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast. This offense is defined, “by Florida Statute 796.07, among other things, as simply offering or soliciting another person for sex.” Possible punishments depend on the number of offenses, and range from up to sixty days in jail, to up to five years in prison. Wayne Richter knows that this charge can have a major impact on your reputation and your job, which is why he works tirelessly to ensure his clients get the results they deserve.

With your future on the line, you need the very best legal representation possible. An experienced criminal defense attorney knows the best arguments to defend you against your charges. Attorney Wayne Richter has seen just about everything over his years in the industry, and he is ready to put that experience to good use for you. Don’t settle for the first random lawyer you come across, when you have access to Wayne Richter! Contact The Law Offices of R. Wayne Richter, today, and get started with your free legal consultation.

For more information visit http://www.richterlawpa.com


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