Am I Eligible To Have My Arrest Record Sealed Or Expunged?


Experiencing the criminal trial or investigation process is not an easy time. Dealing with thoughts of potential jail time, major fines, and a permanently marked criminal record are all extremely daunting. But, just because you are going through the process doesn’t mean you will be found guilty. An experienced criminal defense attorney can represent your best chance at keeping the freedoms in your life. And, The Law Offices of R. Wayne Richter are ready to take on your case, and attempt to do just that.

Attorney Wayne Richter hears a number of questions on a daily basis. One concern that he often hears is whether a client is eligible to have an arrest record sealed or expunged. When it comes to expunging your record, your case must have never been filed by the state attorney’s office, or it must have been dismissed by the state attorney’s office (and you must not have any prior criminal convictions). For sealing purposes, you must not have received an adjudication of guilt on your case, and must also not have prior criminal convictions. Attorney Wayne Richter will help you figure out if either of these represents a legal option in your situation.

Are you about to face the prospects of a criminal trial? Bringing in an experienced criminal defense attorney is a smart move. The Law Offices of R. Wayne Richter have been at this for a long time, and that expertise¬†counts for a lot. Don’t underestimate how important Wayne’s knowledge of the area’s court system can be. Contact The Law Offices of R. Wayne Richter, today, and get started with your free initial consultation.

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